What are the benefits from participation in the 5S Champions League?
Benefit of participation in LM5S most commonly mentioned by our customers:
The necessity to reactivate 5S after several or several dozen months disappears.
Thanks to the 5S Champions League it is possible to keep the employees committed and motivated to work.

The advantage of the programme is continuous and systematic improvement of the 5S level as well as awareness and satisfaction of the employee through creation of a safe and ergonomic work place. Participation in LM5S allows also to obtain a recognised LM5S certificate, universal benchmarking and credit in the eyes of customers and partners. In addition, the LM5S Standard and Premium players can participate in trainings and learn about ready 5S solutions for free through visits in other companies.
What does the first visit look like? Who should participate in it?
As a standard, the first audit consists of three parts:
  • short training for a selected group of employees,
  • zone determination,
  • audit of the selected zone/s.

The 5S Champions League Coordinator on the part of the company must participate in the visit, and participation of persons responsible for the particular areas in the company is also recommended.
How are the visits planned?
Visits (audits or workshops) are planned, as standard, for one facility per calendar year in even and odd months, with one week exactness. The exact date of the audit is planned individually with the auditor. 
How long does the visit take?
7 hours.
What part of the company is covered with the workshops/audits within the scope of the 5S Champions League?
During the first visit of the auditor, the structure of the company’s location and areas subject to workshops and audits under LM5S are determined. 
The workshop includes implementation of the template 5S in selected zones or fulfils the standardisation or calibration role.
The course of the audit includes verification of 5S maintenance by the company according to objective universal requirements of the 5S Champions League. Audit for all determined zones are projected for the year. 
How many auditors are there? Are the visits carried out always by the same person?
There are two auditors assigned for one facility playing in LM5S. 
Who are the 5S Champions League auditors?
The 5S Champions League auditors are top class specialists who possess many years of professional experience within the scope of auditing and optimisation of processes in multiple branches of the industry. As consultants in LUQAM, they support both production companies as well as those from the public sector, providing them with practical instructions in relation to building solid Lean foundations. They cooperate with large, medium and small national and international enterprises in order to expand and improve the 5S system.
We need additional audits/workshops, is it possible?
Yes, please send an e-mail to the address: ligamistrzow5S@luqam.com, with information on your needs.
From what trades are the companies participating in LM5S?
The participants of 5S Youth Champions League are companies from various trades, from production to services.
Exemplary trades of the LM5S participants: machine industry, food industry, health protection, pharmacy, electronics, automotive, gardening, plastic processing, furniture.
Each new participant can find a place for themselves and can reach the level of the best. This is the first Poland-wide project of this type, attracting the biggest industry players.
Can I get information on the results/rank of another company?
The participant can see the result of top five ranks (TOP5) and their own position. Viewing results of other players is impossible.
Can the programme be joined during the calendar year?
The programme can be joined at any time. If a company carried out too few audits or an insufficient number of areas is audited within a calendar year, the company is not classified in the annual league table.
What are the rewards for participation in the 5S Champions League classification?
Every classified company receives a certification of participation in the programme. Furthermore, companies who take the first three places receive awards in the form of a cup or free consultations or trainings.
What do the 5S Champions League players’ visits consist in and are they mandatory?
Visits between the LM5S players are an additional benefit arising from the programme and they are not obligatory. Selected employees can join the LM5S audit in another company as observers. Both players must give their consent. Opportunity to visit other companies concerns the companies playing in LM5S Standard and Premium.
How to enrol for the trainings? How much does it cost?
The trainings are addressed to the LM5S Standard and Premium players. You can enrol for the trainings under 5S Champions League through the tab “Trainings”, according to the applicable terms and conditions. The trainings are free of charge for a limited number of persons from the company and they appear at the end of each quarter for the next three months. 
How many persons can be entered for the training? Who are the trainings addressed to?
The number of places depends on the number of sent entries and is max. 2 persons per training and max. 6 persons per quarter from every LM5S participant. The trainings take place in the LUQAM office in Kraków and Gdańsk and last 6 hours. The subject of the trainings organised under LM5S regards mostly Lean and production management, Six Sigma - White Belt level, problem solving tools and techniques. They are usually attended by the employees of the improvement, production, quality and other related departments, but the LM5S players can delegate any persons from the company to participate in the training.
Are there any certificates of training participation issued after the trainings?
A LUQAM certificate can be issued on request for a fee. The price for one certificate is net PLN 49. We do not issue training participation certificates.
How is the 5S Champions League participation fee paid?
The fee for participation in the Champions League 5S shall be charged monthly and regards one location of the participant. Additionally, in the months of visits the invoices are increased by the costs of travel of the auditor, calculated according to the official rate, from the LUQAM office (ul. Kamieńskiego 47, 30-644 Kraków or ul. Trzy Lipy 3, 80-172 Gdańsk) to the visit location and potential costs of auditor’s accommodation. The fees are paid from the month in which the player joins LM5S up to the month in which they resign from participation. In case of resignation, the information must be sent to the following address: ligamistrzow5S@luqam.com.