Have you encountered the below problems in your organisation?

If so - the 5S method is a perfect solution for your company.
5S is a tool applied in Lean Management, consisting of 5 steps: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardise and Sustain. Its objective is creation and maintenance of a well-organised and safe work place.
In order to implement 5S in the organisation for good, the mere participation in the training or workshops is not enough.
The 5S Champions League allows to implement the 5S method at the highest level and - most importantly - permanently. The League formula allows for consistent improvement of the 5S standard, with concurrent independent assessment and opportunity to draw inspiration from other companies.

What is the 5S Champions League?
is a group of companies who focus on 5S development by submitting to independent audit conducted by LUQAM experts. The main goal of the program is identification of areas with potential for improvement as well as creation of the optimisation foundations, according to the Lean Management concept.
The participants of 5S Youth Champions League are companies from various trades, from production to services, interested in maintenance and development of safety and ergonomics of work. The innovative and complete strategy created by LUQAM serves continuous improvement of the 5S level in all types of organisations.

Cyclic LUQAM visits
6 per year
LUQAM consultants, with many years of practical experience in the Lean Manufacturing area, carry out six visits per year under the programme. Audit summary consists in specification of places with potential for improvement in the form of a transparent report with photographs and commentaries.

Effective implementation of the 5S system
  several dozen satisfied companies
The 5S Champions League is an answer for difficulties found in implementation of the 5S method. The League formula allows for continuous improvement of the work place organisation which is the foundation of Lean Manufacturing. Audit and training cyclic character contributes to continuous progress in the 5S standard.

Work place organisation 
improved efficiency and reduced costs
The objective of application of the 5S principles in an organisation is, first and foremost, creation of a safe and ergonomic workplace. This allows to increase productivity through elimination of losses, reduction of manufacturing costs and improvement of product quality.

bezpłatne szkolenia w ramach Ligi 5S  
The monthly fee price for participation in the League includes a pool of entries for LUQAM trainings for every company. This allows for continuous improvement of employees’ qualifications without additional costs.

Visits in the enterprises
exchange of experiences between the companies
The 5S Champions League is for players from various trades: from plastic processing, machine and automotive industry, through the food and pharmaceutical trade, to the electronic and service trade. The scope of the audits includes organisation of exchange visits between the interested companies, providing opportunities to learn about new solutions and to draw inspiration.

additional benefits for the best teams
Every season of the 5S Champions League ends with rewarding three best teams.  Companies at the top of the ranking are rewarded with cups, diplomas and awards in the form of consultations, trainings, LUQAM post-graduate studies discount and special conditions of participation in other programmes within the framework of the Optimisation Project Group.

Based on experiences of our customers, we have developed three program variants:
5S Champions League
Standard program formula for companies with implemented 5S system.
5S Champions League Premium
Option for companies that wish to accelerate the 5S development progress.
5S Youth Champions League
Variant for companies that wish to prepare themselves professionally or competition at the Champions League level.
The standard formula of 5S Champions League
  • Preliminary audit and individual action plan adjusted to the specifics of the organisation.
  • Audits based on which the assessment is calculated and the action plan is updated.
  • Access to the Internet platform www.ligamistrzow5s.pl, where the results of consecutive audits, reports, general ranking and progress are registered.
  • Annual steering committee for LM5S coordinators in one of the participant’s facilities, allowing to exchange experiences and design solutions in the 5S Champions League methodology.
  • Quarterly specialised training pool.
  • Possibility of mutual visits in the enterprises.
  • Gadget starter pack - 5S posters, result boards, red cards, mugs.
  • E-learning course 5S method.
  • Free of charge subscription to the magazine Przegląd Optymalizatora.
  • Possibility of participation in the football tournament 5S LUQAM CUP
  • Certificate and additional awards for the best results.
Premium Formula, in addition to the benefits of
the standard formula, includes also:
  • 5S workshops at the participant’s facility. The 5S workshop is a perfect opportunity to focus on a selected area and search for new solutions and improvement measures.
  • Business psychology coaching for 5S coordinators, providing support in the context of effective team management and dealing with everyday problems, such as: decrease of employees’ commitment in development of 5S, failure to perform the entrusted tasks, closing in the course of audit.
5S Youth Champions League is a solution created for companies who wish to prepare themselves to compete within the scope of 5S Champions League or whose objective is to implement the 5S system in their organisation.
The program formula allows to train employees within the scope of the 5S method as well as to conduct several workshops (calibration, implementation or standardisation workshop).
The company receives a 5S form packet and a further action plan. After the training and workshops, the company commences assessment audit - a positive result allows to enter the 5S Champions League.

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